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Teaching Team

Opening God’s Word is a staple for all RH weekend services.

In fact, the way we do so is one of the things that makes RH campuses unique. Through the RH Teaching Team, all campuses enjoy live teaching from the Bible each weekend. From the months of September – May, all RH campuses study the same sermon series [during the summer months, each campus has the autonomy to choose a sermon series unique to their community].

In order for live teaching to be possible, all RH regular teachers gather together on Tuesday mornings to discuss and dissect the upcoming weekend’s message. A Teaching Team coordinator brings the framework for the message, which includes Scripture references, Biblical context and hermeneutics, and a suggested path through the content. From there, all assigned teachers apply other RH teaching values [e.g. telling stories from his/her own life that relate to the message] to craft a complete message.

Here’s our Teaching Team roster:

Costa Mesa

Josh Harrison
Ash Meaney
Kit Rae
Bill Dogterom
Ben Simonson

Mission Viejo

Chad Halliburton
Brian Hill


Charlotte, N.C

Thaddeus Fennig
Adei Batsuli

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If you’re interested in learning more about RH’s Teaching Team or our overall approach to opening God’s Word, please email Josh Harrison.