Baptisms at ROCKHARBOR are a celebration. A big celebration. As a faith community, perhaps the most exciting thing we can celebrate together is witnessing people enter new life. To watch someone both declare to follow Jesus and to symbolically enter the new life He offers is something we all want to celebrate together.

We believe that baptism is a singularly important part of our life with Jesus. Baptism is an outward representation of an inner transformation, a physical expression of devotion with deep spiritual significance. It is a public announcement of what Jesus has done in our lives, a conspicuous commitment that we will find our identity in Jesus. It is an act of obedience, a tangible demonstration of our discipleship to Jesus. And, it is a place of encounter, where we experience the love and joy of God in a unique way. In other words, the baptism water symbolizes new life. As we die to ourselves and are raised with Jesus, our lives are “hidden with God in Christ” (Colossians 3:3). As such, baptism is not only for new believers, but for any follower of Jesus who has not yet taken this beautiful step in their journey with Jesus.

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