125 miles southeast of Orange County lies a different world. Tecate, Mexico, is a community marked by poverty. 40% of the people in this area live below the poverty line. The average income per family is $80 per week. Mother Theresa herself said, “Of all the places I’ve been in the world, [this area of Mexico] is among the poorest.”

But God is alive and active in this community. That’s what we found when we joined His work there several years ago.

Alongside ministry partner Baja Christian Ministries, ROCKHARBOR regularly sends teams to Tecate and its surrounding communities, like Pedregal, to care for the tangible and physical needs of the people there. Through house-build trips, medical clinics, and day trips aimed at relationship building, we are both witnessing and joining with Jesus as he brings hope to this area.

Please be in prayer for our family in Mexico—that they would be encouraged, supported, and loved well by our teams in the name of Jesus.


MINISTRY TRIPS: These trips consist of serving our partners in Mexico through community events and children’s ministry. Cost: $175.

BUILD TRIPS: Most build trips consist of house building, community projects, work skills, and children’s ministry.
Cost: $400 (including a $100 non-refundable deposit).

NEXT TRIP | March 23rd-25th

If you are interested in trips in the future they cost $400 per person with a $100 non-refundable deposit. Most build trips consist of:
•house build
•community projects
•work skills
•children’s ministry

May 5th-6th: 1 night Ministry Trip
June 22nd-24th: 2 night House Build Trip

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Whether it’s an upcoming trip, a local prayer night, or another gathering, there are many opportunities to get involved with our Mexico Ministry. Check the Upcoming Events calendar to see what’s next!

Email the Mexico Team for more info on RH in Mexico.

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