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Parenting Resources

We desire to resource you as you help your child to grow in relationship with Jesus Christ. Here is a list of various courses, seminars and information that will help you along the way.

Spiritual Parenting

As a church, we believe that God’s design for passing down faith happens through the family and that the church plays a supportive role in that process.  Spiritual Parenting is parenting with the eternal in mind.  This 6-week course focuses on 10 Environments that parents can create in their home to partner with the Holy Spirit in raising spiritually healthy children.
This teaching-interactive course will allow parents to be inspired, equipped, and supported with the tools they need to embark on the quest of raising their children to live out a compelling faith in a way that maximizes spiritual growth. This class is a prerequisite for those who would like to have their child dedicated at ROCKHARBOR.

Check back for our next course during Fall 2017.


The course is designed for parents to meet one another and explore ways that we, as a faith community, can champion each other on in our roles as the primary nurturers of our kid’s faith.  Below are brief descriptions of each environment as well as details of when the next classes launch. To sign up for our next Spiritual Parenting class please email

Parent Orientation

We ask that every parent comes to a Parent Orientation one time while they are a part of our church community. The Orientation covers how we do ministry, where we are headed, and ways you can get involved. This is also a great opportunity to be able to meet and spend time with the people who are impacting your child/student’s life.


Spiritual Parenting: An Awakening For Today’s Families
-Written by Michelle Anthony
Purchase on Amazon or at our Costa Mesa Campus.

The Big God Story
-Written by Michelle Anthony
Purchase on Amazon or at our Costa Mesa Campus.

Find Out More

To find more resources, please contact our Families Team.