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Mission Viejo



Jesus feeds the 5,000. He then asks the essential question "Who do YOU say that I am?" If we trust that He is Lord, there is an imperative, "YOU give them something to eat." Jesus does this miracle to show us what happens when we live in dependence on His spirit. Will you trust God NOW with what's in front of you given what God has done in the past? Jesus doesn't want disciples who just watch, he wants disciples who will learn to rely on God's presence and power. Jesus IS God's Messiah, HE is the one that is meeting a helplessly broken world. All we are asked to do is follow Him. The invitation to "feed them" is an invitation to bank on God's resources rather than our own. Jesus is not teaching people how to go out and do magic, he is teaching intimacy with the Father. The life you hunger for will come by learning to yield to The Father's leading and provision.

Costa Mesa

Charlotte, NC