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Mission Viejo


Luke: The Lamb Has Overcome

To listen to the podcast click here. Jesus is trying to show us that we were created to be sent. We need to pay attention to Jesus' instructions in the passage because the way he sends the 72 is the same way God sends us. He asks us to go in peace, and to be relational (not letting our religiosity get in the way of being able to meet people where they are at.) We are sent as sheep, among wolves, which seems like a loosing battle until we realize we are sent the same way Jesus was sent. God sent Jesus as the pure, spotless lamb, the Lamb that overcame. Jesus overcame the enemy and even overcame death. When we are sent as sheep we are vulnerable and dependent. We are to show up as people in NEED of Jesus. This puts God's power on display. To be sent with nothing, vulnerable and dependent, may seem inefficient in our American minds. However God has a different view of efficiency. This strategy of relational dependence on the Father lead Jesus to victory. This call to go, even with nothing, our opportunity for freedom from idols of independence and self sufficiency. It free's us from pressure to do big things. Discipleship is relational. We are to go WITH God. Our joy comes from being known, and from being with the one we love. This is what Jesus offers to us when we are sent as sheep.    

Costa Mesa

Charlotte, NC