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Mission Viejo


Orphan Sunday

James 1:27,  Jeremiah 7:3-7,  Matthew 13:44 In a world corrupted by sin we are all orphans that are separated from God who has all we need. Caring for orphans helps us remember our own dependency on grace. We were all adopted b God. Jesus is the one that came and brought us to God's table. God desires us. He saw us when we were unseen.  



Scripture:James 1:27


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Costa Mesa

Citizens: The Gospel In My House

We are called by Christ to live as Christ lived, to literally be the body of Christ, to be a human body filled with the Holy Spirit doing the work of God.  We are called to love as Christ loved, and Christ loved the orphans.  Hear what the bible says about orphans, and hear stories of people who have decided to get involved with orphans; as foster care parents; as camp volunteers, and as adoptive parents.



Scripture:Romans 8:14-17, Deuteronomy 10:18, Deuteronomy 14:29, Luke 18:15-17


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Charlotte, NC