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RH Finances & Budget

When it comes to money, we’re not just asking or telling people to give it. We’re committed to teaching and coming alongside to help people be wise stewards of all God gives—and we’re committed to modeling these principles first as a church.

Decision-Making & Oversight

Our Elder Team carefully seeks God’s guidance in determining and approving the allocation of each year’s budget. The Oversight Team, led by Business Director Bryan Wilkins, reviews key financial decisions. Our staff are challenged and expected to be prudent stewards of the budgets entrusted to them. All contributions are confidential. Every dollar received or spent is accounted for through careful record-keeping and audited each year.

In all, we seek God’s will diligently and strive to respond quickly when he provides clear direction regarding our stewardship as a church.

Annual Budget

Each year RH develops an annual budget to account for the anticipated income and expenses throughout the fiscal year (July 1-June 30).  This process, which involves all layers of leadership of our church, culminates in the approval of an operating budget by our Elder Team. That budget breaks down into the following areas:

  • First Fruits (fixed at 10% of income)
  • Ministry Budgets (the monies our ministries use for day-to-day expenses)
  • Payroll & Benefits
  • Facilities
  • Capital Expenses
  • Operations
  • Events

Find Out More

For more information about the church budget and our Oversight Team, allocation of funds or giving, email Bryan Wilkins or call 714.384.0914 x153.