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Life Groups

The church is not a place, name, building, or program. It is people. God has called us to be connected to one another in community. ROCKHARBOR is a big church, but you don’t need to be just another face in the crowd. If you want to meet people and grow in your relationship with God, we believe being a part of a life group is the best place for you.

What Is A Life Group?

Life Groups represent the fullest expression of the church.  Small communities of people that meet during the week to image God and live out the gospel together.  Life Groups image God and live out the Gospel by stepping more fully into our true identity, embracing the reality that we are created to be and to extend family to one another, joining with God in expanding His kingdom on mission, and living lives that sacrifice for the sake of God and others.

Getting Into A Life Group

Visit your campus website to find out how to become a part of a Life Group in your city.


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