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Uganda Famine Relief

ROCKHARBOR, we reached our goal!

We’re so excited to announced that in just less than a week, our goal has been surpassed. Thank you for giving and we’re so grateful for God’s provision. We can now provide temporary relief to our brothers and sisters in Gulu. Refer to the content below for ways that you can be praying for a long-term solution to this famine. You can also check out our main page to stay updated with the ministry.

Ten years ago, ROCKHARBOR, in collaboration with Africa Renewal Ministries planted Gulu Bible Community Church in Northern Uganda. The church began just a few months after the government of Uganda signed a truce with the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) ending decades of civil war in Northern Uganda. However, though the conflict was officially over, the people of Northern Uganda still faced significant challenges including: nearly 2 million internally displaced people living in camps across the north, very real threats from remaining rebel groups, and rampant extreme poverty with the vast majority of people living on less than $2/day without access to adequate food, water, and other essentials. GBCC was planted in the middle of this war-torn and struggling community to be a light shining the love of Jesus in word and action. And over the years that is exactly what it has done.

Beginning with one small church, GBCC has grown into a church-planting movement and has now established 15 churches throughout the greater Gulu area. In addition, GBCC has been instrumental in caring for the families and young people in their community through education, child development programs, and a variety of other ministries and initiates. They have quite literally changed their community.

Due to the work of ministries like GBCC and a variety of charities and NGOs, Northern Uganda is a different place today than it was 10 years ago. After years of terror and devastation, the region has begun to experience growth and stability. That being said, there are still many significant social, political, economic, and spiritual challenges facing the people of Northern Uganda.

Most recently, our partners at GBCC have been in conversation with us about a severe drought affecting the whole of northeastern Africa. As a result of record low rainfalls over the past several years, a region-wide infestation of a crop-destroying armyworm caterpillar, and a massive influx of refugees from South Sudan, Northern Uganda is currently experiencing a severe food shortage which has led to food prices doubling across the region. You can imagine the impact this has in an already impoverished community. World Vision estimates that 25 million people are being severely affected by this famine across eastern Africa, and global health experts are warning the world that the region is on the brink of a catastrophe which will rival if not exceed the Ethiopia famine of the 80s.

Because GBCC exists to shine the light and love of Jesus in word and action among the people of Northern Uganda, they must respond to this crisis and we must help them. Pastor Martin Onen, the Lead Pastor of GBCC, estimates that there are 250 families already in the GBCC community who will be unable to afford food as a result of the increased prices, many of whom haven’t eaten at all for almost a week. He is asking that we provide tangible economic help to enable them to not only care for the families in the church but to extend this care beyond the church into the surrounding community.


Thankfully, rains have begun to fall in Northern Uganda again, and they are anticipating a new harvest with the next couple of months and, with it, a reduction in food prices. Thanks to all of you, we have raised the full amount needed, and then some! Thank you for your generosity!

If you were unable to give, but are looking for a way to help, please consider sponsoring a child through Renew Gulu. This program ensures that the kids are given at least one meal per day while in school. You can give one-time gifts to our kids, or choose to sponsor a child at $35 per month. Follow this link to sponsor a child.


We desire to be a church that partners with the Holy Spirit in the work that God is doing around the world. Here’s how you can you be praying for GBCC:

  • Pray for rain and worm free crops. The only long-term solution to a famine is food, and with the increasing food demands due to population growth and a massive influx of refugees from South Sudan, northern Uganda is in desperate need of a record harvest.
  • Pray for peace and stability. War and political instability across east Africa are two of the greatest contributors to extreme poverty. Without strong leaders committed to peace, millions of people will continue to suffer the devastating effects of famine, water shortage, disease, and displacement.
  • Pray for sustenance. Millions of people in northern Uganda and across east Africa are looking to the future for a new harvest and an end to this famine, but they are hungry now. Pray that God will sustain them. Pray that the Western world will not turn a blind eye to their suffering but will send emergency aid to see them through the crisis.
  • Pray for wisdom. As our church partners at Gulu Bible Community Church seek to serve their community, pray that God will give them wisdom regarding how best to distribute the resources at their disposal. Crises require strong leadership, so pray that the leaders at GBCC allow themselves to be led by the strongest leader there is: the Holy Spirit.
  • Pray for impact. As GBCC steps out in faith and courage to serve their community and, in so doing, to show them the love of Jesus, pray that many people are drawn to their Savior who sees them, knows them, and loves them.

Please email Nikki if you have any questions about the RH Uganda ministry or your donation.