Renew Gulu

What is Renew Gulu?

Renew Gulu is a child sponsorship program that was born out of ROCKHARBOR’s Uganda Ministry about four years ago. Many of our passionate ministry leaders felt that the funds ROCKHARBOR was sending to another sponsorship program weren’t getting the most possible money over to the kids in Gulu, Uganda. So with a little hard work, Renew Gulu CDP was born- and we have continued to sponsor kids in Gulu. There are just over 300 children in the program that get to go to school each year because of faithful donors from the ROCKHARBOR community.

Renew Gulu is volunteer run here in the U.S. and staffed accordingly per governmental standards in Uganda.

How Do I Sponsor?

To sponsor a child in Gulu costs 35$ per month. There are also options to give one-time gifts as well!
If you would like to sponsor a child or give a onetime gift sign up HERE.

What Does My Sponsorship Cover?

In addition to receiving school tuition, a uniform, and school supplies, your children will receive leadership training, medical care as needed, and spiritual guidance based on Christian principles through the direction of our partner church GBCC.

One unique attribute of Renew Gulu is that your children are directly tied to the GBCC church community (Our strategic partner in Uganda), thus providing us with an opportunity to connect with them in ways typically not possible in a larger sponsorship programs.

Our hope is that someday as self-sustaining initiatives take deeper root and the community of Gulu regains its financial independence, this sponsorship program will not be necessary. Our desire is not to replace the love and care of a nurturing community, but to augment that communities ability to raise children in the way they should go.

If you have any questions or concerns please email or