Communities – ROCKHARBOR


Part of the call of loving others is a commitment to launching new communities. We want ROCKHARBOR to be a place where leaders and communities are regularly equipped, empowered, and released to cities across Orange County and beyond. The four primary types of communities we are committed to raising up are campuses, church plants, life groups, and global communities.

This desire began to take shape in early 2009 as we raised up a community with unique eyes on the city of Long Beach. In October of that year, we commissioned The Garden as RH’s first church plant.

And that was just the beginning. From Fall 2009 through Fall 2011, we stepped into an annual pace of raising up two new RH campuses and helping launch and release one new church plant.

From that dream, we’ve seen ROCKHARBOR campuses realized in Mission Viejo and Charlotte, N.C. in addition to our founding campus in Costa Mesa. We’ve also celebrated playing a part in the launch of The Garden Church in Long Beach and the re-planting of Redemption Church in Costa Mesa.

Within each of our campuses are several smaller communities we call life groups. These groups also represent the full expression of RH as they live out the Gospel together in their unique neighborhoods. They meet together each week and actively pursue identity, family, mission, and sacrifice in intentional and contextual ways.

While raising up communities has an obvious emphasis in and around Orange County, God has also turned our eyes and hearts beyond our local proximity and asked us to follow Him into what He is doing in four unique places across the globe. RH is strategically invested in Uganda, India, Mexico, and Guatemala. Much more than short-term mission trips once or twice a year, we are raising up communities to play an ongoing part in the ways God is moving in these countries. Whether it’s a local prayer gathering or event, a mission trip, supporting our ministry partners, or more, stepping into these communities can happen at any time and in a variety of different ways.

Raising up and sending out communities is now part of who we are. We believe God is preparing us for more of this and it’s with great excitement that we look at the cities of our county and region with eyes on how to develop, empower, and release leaders and communities to live out the Gospel in a world in need.