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Questions & Answers

When is the last service at RHO and RHF?
ROCKHARBOR Orange will have its last service as a ROCKHARBOR Campus on Sunday, April 15.

ROCKHARBOR Fullerton’s last service was Sunday, April 8.

What will happen to the staff at those campuses?
Because each staff member’s role, tenure and needs are different, each staff member at those campuses will be addressed individually. As with all staff changes, our HR Leader will be working directly with the employee, Campus Pastor, and ROCKHARBOR Leadership to ensure that all the details of the transition are clearly communicated and handled with integrity.

What will the Campus Pastor do next?
As of April 15, Pete Shambrook will transition off ROCKHARBOR Staff to start his new church in Orange. Jeff Myers will remain on ROCKHARBOR Staff for a period of time to see that the ROCKHARBOR Fullerton community is being enfolded into ROCKHARBOR Costa Mesa, through weekend services, life groups, serving and leadership opportunities.

How can I learn more about Pete’s new ministry efforts?
Pete Shambrook and his team, known now as SaltWorks OC, will be working to determine what services look like beyond April 15, and you can visit their website at for more information.  Their new email addresses are:

Pete Shambrook –
Nick Kinnier –
Kaylee Wronski –
Ashly Dorr –
Lauren Shambrook –

When and where are services at RHCM?
Services are held on Sundays at 9am, 11am, 5pm, & 7pm at 345 Fischer Ave, Costa Mesa.

Kids ministry (birth- 5th grade) is available at all services except the 7pm.  Middle School ministry meets at 11am at 3095 Red Hill Ave. Costa Mesa.  High School joins us in services at the 7pm.

How can I get connected at RHCM?
We’d love to see you jump into community at ROCKHARBOR Costa Mesa. To take your first steps into the ROCKHARBOR community and attend a weekend service .  After every service join us in the lobby for 7 minutes or less so we can introduce ourselves and get to know YOU! We will have staff and key volunteers as well as information about upcoming events and ways you can get involved.

For those wanting to become more connected at RHCM, join us for the Intro Dinner every second Monday of the month, from 6:45-8:30pm. Hosted by our Involvement Director, Deb Rydman, along with Campus Pastor, Kit Rae, the Intro Dinner is a great way to find community, meet leaders and staff, and get connected at RHCM.  In addition to the free meal, we’ll have the chance to share our story, vision, and values with you. We can’t wait to meet you and help guide you into the next step of making ROCKHARBOR home. SIGN UP FOR THE INTRO DINNER HERE.

If you’re interested in getting connected, we’d love to help.  Contact Jeff Myers and he will work with the Costa Mesa team to see you get plugged in.

Will ROCKHARBOR be releasing its other campuses to be independent churches?
No, our desire is to continue to multiply our kingdom building efforts by raising up ROCKHABOR Campuses. We truly believe we are “better together” and in the model of multi-site churches.

How will these changes effect RH financially?
Because every ROCKHARBOR Community contributes towards the overall financial needs of ROCKHARBOR, we will see an immediate loss of income and we will account for this in our projected budget for the 2018-19 year ahead. We continue to see financial growth and health at our remaining campuses and firmly believe that God knows every need is faithful to our church.

I have a recurring gift to one of the campuses closing. What will happen to my donation?
Recurring donations will set to expire at a date that coincides with the closing date of the campus. No donations for ROCKHARBOR Orange will occur past April 15, and no donations past April 8 for ROCKHARBOR Fullerton.  All donations up to those dates will be used to meet the needs of the staff and campus as we work towards closing the campus.  Any questions about giving can be directed to Kent Charnley, who can be reached at 714-384-0914 x 134 or If you’d like to change your recurring donation to another campus, reach out to us and we can assist you in that process.  You can continue to access your giving statement online at

You can always email us at and we’d be happy to answer your questions.