Our Values

ROCKHARBOR is a church of communities with campuses in five Orange County cities, another in Charlotte, N.C., global partnerships in Mexico, Uganda, India, and Guatemala, and Life groups spread all over. Each community is declaring the gospel of Jesus in a powerful ways that are unique to the contexts where they are located. So, with that many expressions of gospel communities, how do they all feel like one church?

While each expression of ROCKHARBOR is encouraged to have autonomy, each one also claims ownership to five central values. These values provide guardrails or ministry, and more importantly, make up the central DNA of any group, ministry, or community that caries the ROCKHARBOR name.


We take seriously the call to develop the people of ROCKHARBOR into Christ’s likeness. In becoming mature disciples of Jesus, we emulate Him as ambassadors of reconciliation and proclaimers of the gospel in every location and sphere of influence.As we do so, we commit to advancing the Kingdom of God across this country and globe.

Here are a few ways this plays our across RH: the campus model, church planting residency, foundations ministry, discipleship groups, and more. 


We are passionate about seeing ROCKHARBOR become family for everyone who calls it home. Our environments should be welcoming hospitable, and inclusive. Our relationship should extend beyond the surface and be marked by kindness, intimacy, care, and commitment to loving each other.

Here are a few ways this plays out across RH: campus-specific connecting events, Life Groups, mentorships, serve teams, and more. 


We believe ROCKHARBOR is called to be a generous church of generous people. Both as individuals and as a collective community, we are blessed to be a blessing to the world around us. Out of that posture we freely give what God has first given to us, whether it’s our time, possessions, finances, or care.

Here are a few ways this plays out across RH: first fruits ministry, opening our full-use facilities to other churches and like-minded organizations, serve teams, financial courses, and more. 


We strive to reflect the creativity and artistry of God in each ROCKHARBOR community. WE believe there isa creation mandate that extends to us as image bearers of the living God so we welcome artists, innovators, entrepreneurs, and creators of all kinds to use their gifts in all areas of ministry here.

Here are a few ways this plays our across RH: campus-specific creative arts teams, Church Wide communications and storytelling team, weekend service content, and beyond the traditional arts through anyone that is creatively putting Jesus on display in their contexts. 


We are committed to seeing and responding to Christ’s leadership of ROCKHARBOR through the Holy Spirit. Together, each of our communities works in team to discern God’s will, listen to the Holy Spirit, and willingly risk as He leads.

Here are a few ways this plays out across RH: the team model, Church Wide and Campus-specific Elder Teams, Church Wide management team, campus pastor team, campus-specific prayer teams, regular pray trainings, and more.