Our Strategy – ROCKHARBOR

Our Strategy

Part of the call of loving others beyond Orange County is a commitment to launching new communities. We want ROCKHARBOR to not only be marked by great weekend gatherings, but ultimately be validated by great sending…where leaders and communities are equipped, empowered, and released.

That desire began to be realized in early 2009 as we raised up a community with unique eyes on the city of Long Beach. In October of that year, we commissioned Darren Rouanzoin and The Garden as RH’s first church plant.

And that was just the beginning. From Fall 2009 through Fall 2011, we stepped into a God-sized dream of 2+1…an annual pace of raising up two new RH campuses and helping launch and release one new church plant.

From that dream, we’ve seen ROCKHARBOR campuses raised up in Mission Viejo, Fullerton, Orange, and Charlotte, N.C. We’ve also celebrated the re-planting of Redemption Church in Costa Mesa, the launch of Viewpoint Church in Newport Beach, and Reunion Church in Santa Ana.

As we look back, we celebrate God doing more than we ever thought possible. Many new communities have been born from this dream. As we look ahead, we no longer sense God leading us to this annual pace. Raising up and sending out communities is now part of who we are. So, while we release the rhythm of 2+1, we continue to look at the cities of our county and region with eyes on how to develop, empower, and release leaders and communities to live out the Gospel in a world in need.

Campuses And Church Plants | The Details

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