Through the years, certain phrases and words have stood out that describe our culture, shape our DNA, and focus our movement. In some ways, these phrases have become true of who we are as a community and in essence are values for our church.

These are not the values that we’ve declared for ourselves, but the values that we sense that God continues to declare over us. Through situations, experiences, and lessons-learned, God has brought these phrases to the forefront within the life of ROCKHARBOR. These are the things God has sealed in our minds, shaped into our hearts, and inspired us toward, and they’re the things for which we continue to reach as we follow God’s Spirit. No matter where He leads us, these are markers of who we are called to be along the way.

Embracing Risk

17 years ago, a small crew gave up jobs, comfort, and security to plant RH. In the here and now, people from every generation and throughout different cities and communities continue to take risks in order to follow God’s lead. Whether its being a part of campus teams, or groups who serve people in need, or communities who are formed for the sake of sharing the Gospel, RH is stepping out in faith.

Seek & Respond

God is alive, active and moving in our lives, throughout our cities, and in the world. Rather than setting our plans in motion for our lives and church and asking God to join us, we always seek God first…looking for His presence and movement, and asking Him for His plans for our lives and church. And then we do our best to line ourselves up to Him-to respond in obedience and surrender. This has shaped us into a praying, Spirit-led community as marked by our monthly Third Wednesday gatherings, the space given to pray in our weekend services and when we set apart days and weeks to pray and fast together. As we depend on Him to lead our communities, He has given us purpose, strength, and His Spirit to equip us in being part of His movement across the globe.

Truth & Grace

Truth and grace is the tension we live and lead in. ROCKHARBOR was started with the vision of being a safe place for broken people to experience the truth of God’s love and to wrestle with doubts and questions along the way. We believe in reconciliation through the gospel and we try to live that out. We strive for declaration of truth for a generation that lives without absolutes. And we seek restoration in the places we are broken. We have seen relationships restored between friends, families, spouses and leaders…and most importantly, we’ve witnessed many people step into reconciled relationship with God.

Leading in Team

One thing we’ve learned in our few years as a church is that ministry is not meant to be carried alone. From our Elder Team to our staff structure and volunteer teams within each ministry, RH is led in team. This provides stronger leadership through stability, complementary strengths and weaknesses, decisions made with broader perspective, and greater accountability.

Giving Ourselves Away

We believe God’s Church is unlike any other entity in that it exists for the sake of its non-members. We desire to be people whose hearts burn for the world around us, marked by generous, sacrificial, humble and radical giving of our best resources and people. Giving Ourselves Away, more than a descriptive phrase, has found its way into our very ministry. This idea resulted in The Go Campaign, a summer challenge that saw over 2,000 people on mission through southern California and around the world, with over $1 million raised for 12 different causes. And beyond Go, this conviction of sacrificial generosity is an essential part of who we are. People awakened to who they are in Jesus and the mission that God has uniquely given to them. Our community is filled with these sorts of people who are radically stepping out to sacrifice and offer creative ideas to meet people in need, all in the name of Jesus. This looks like people moving across the world to meet needs, opening micro-businesses to create job skills in third world countries, hosting events for local foster kids capturing them into God’s story.  We celebrate this entrepreneurial spirit as it moves the Gospel forward.

Raising Up & Sending Out

God has chosen The Church as His plan for transforming the world and, as such, every believer becomes a minister. From larger communities like campuses and church plants to individuals simply wanting to learn how to live out the gospel in their contexts, we are committed to raising up each generation, equipping, and sending out influential Kingdom workers.