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First Fruits

Why First Fruits?

“First fruits” are the first portion of anything we receive. The Bible gives several examples of people choosing to give God this first portion, trusting that he will provide the rest to meet their needs.

Following this biblical model, ROCKHARBOR established First Fruits, an area of our budget through which we give 10% of our income towards kingdom-building efforts. First Fruits dollars are used to support our church planting efforts, para-church organizations, local and global outreach organizations, missionaries and people who need financial assistance.

What this means is that $0.10 of every dollar given to our church is directed toward efforts beyond ROCKHARBOR. Together, we celebrate how each person’s individual giving at RH helps fuel some significant God stories in the greater Kingdom.

There’s a couple important things to hear in all of this:

  • First and foremost, First Fruits doesn’t exist because we have extra. First Fruits exists because God calls each of us to sacrificial, generous, and regular giving.
  • First Fruits only exists because individuals and families in our church are following Jesus by giving their first and best to their local church. In that regard, these stories that we celebrate don’t belong to First Fruits. If you give to RH, these are your stories.
  • We believe we are each meant to give the best and the first of what we have away. If you have not yet stepped into regular financial giving at RH, we invite you to do that. Find out more about why and how we give at RH.

Find Out More

Email Chad Coltman or call 714.437.0914 x123 for more info on First Fruits.