21-Day Fast – ROCKHARBOR

21-Day Fast

As ROCKHARBOR steps into 2018, we want to invite you to join us for a 21-day fast. As citizens of heaven, it’s critical that we are creating space to hear from God for how we are to live here on Earth. Fasting is a great way to remove something from our day-to-day living and replace it with a posture of listening. We believe this practice in January can help kickstart a year of learning to live according to God’s voice. This January, pick one thing to give up that will create space for you to listen. The idea behind fasting is to give up the things that typically take a great deal of our attention and reroute that attention to Jesus. Fasting is not something that was meant to be limited to Biblical times. Jesus makes it clear that He expects us, His disciples, to fast. While it might seem uncomfortable or physically challenging, we are not to steer clear of this discipline.

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