Job Title:
Lead Pastor
Costa Mesa, CA
My beautiful wife, Lisa, and our 4 children, Caden, Teagan, Briton, & Talia.

In 10 words or less…

Describe your job.
I hold the big picture in view, dreaming and breaking ground towards the best ways ROCKHARBOR can play our part in the Kingdom..
Describe a normal day.
Many, many conversations about how God is moving in our church and how we can best keep up with Him.
Meetings…love ‘em or hate ‘em?

Full convert from hater to lover – meetings provoke change, and love to be in on that process.
One thing people don’t realize about the staff that they need to know?

We’re training towards the dream of Human Shuffleboard as an Olympic Sport.
Tell us a story of what you’ve seen God do through your ministry [use more than 10 if you need to].

Again and again, I’ve watched God take humble, broken, available people and raise them up to become incredible Kingdom leaders.

This or that:

Beach or mountains?
Historically beach, but drifting towards mountains
PC or Mac?

Mac ­ till death do us part.
Coldplay or U2?

Sports or arts?

Whichever involves the most competition.
Creative or administrative?

I am as unadministrative as humanly possible.
Skinny jeans or comfortable ones?

Increasingly conceding to comfort.


Most embarrassing moment?
Having my whole 7th grade basketball team sing “Happy Birthday” the first (and perhaps only) time I made a shot.
Everyone should read…

Simply Christian ­ N.T. Wright
Favorite Todd Proctor song?

“You Were There” written in the “just friends” era to my Biola sweetheart and future bride, Lisa.