714-384-0914 x148
Job Title:
Director of Staff
Cornville, AZ
Husband-Shawn Scott; Two sons-Finnigan Reid Scott & Nathaniel Ethan Scott.

In 10 words or less

Describe your job.
Equip and empower our staff to lead our church.
Describe a normal day.
It is meetings all day…
Meetings…love ‘em or hate ‘em?
I better love ‘em that is what I do
Favorite accomplishment/project since joining staff?
This is so hard because there are so many.  I will go with the 1st Easter we had at Triangle Square.
One thing people don’t realize about the staff that they need to know?
They are some of the most talented, gifted, humble people I know.
Tell us a story of what you’ve seen God do through your ministry [use more than 10 if you need to]
It’s not a story; but what I see daily in the staff I get to work with.  God continues to make a highly talented team dependent on Him for direction and confidence.  I am blown away by the staffs transparency, enthusiasm, and passion to serve our God.

This or that:

Beach or mountains?
PC or Mac?
Coldplay or U2?
Sports or arts?
Creative or administrative?
Skinny jeans or comfortable ones?
Levis’ 501


Most embarrassing moment?
Falling down a flight of stairs in a dress.
Favorite date spot in the OC?
In the next 5 years, I will….
Turn 44, be married for 20 years, have a 16 year old son, and loved Jesus for 36 years.
The best movie of all time is clearly…
Don’t have one
Everyone should read…
One Thousand Gifts