Shawn Scott

714-384-0914 x147
Job Title:
Operations Pastor
Diamond Bar, CA /Chickasha,OK (what do you mean I can’t have two?)
Wife –Stacy (since ’93); 1st child – Finnigan “Reid”; 2nd child – Nathaniel “Ethan"; 3rd child - (?); Dog – Brando); Cats – Lucy


Describe your job: 
Shawn I have a problem with…. / Shawn if we wanted to start having __(?)_ how would we do it?/ Shawn, where is the…/ “Shawn, where did we get those…” /  “Shawn, I have a quick question for you….(25min later).  OK, great, thanks for the help.”
One thing people don’t realize about the RH Churchwide staff that they need to know? 
Churchwide is the grease the keeps each of the 5pieces of this Machine moving.”
Tell us a story of what you’ve seen God do through your ministry: 
Because of where I sit at a I think I get the best seat in the house to see what God is doing in the big picture. Mostly because my team and I have had the opportunity to support, in different ways, each of the campuses. God has used our team to support the ongoing function of Costa Mesa campus and from that He has used the resources from CM to make it possible to launch the other 4 campus’ over the past 5 years. Our team doesn’t take any credit for what is going on but we do get the satisfaction knowing that we have been able to play a part of what is going on, in a very tangible and practical way. I know our church has grown from the start of new campuses and I know that my team has grown as well.


Beach or mountains?
Riding my motorcycle through the desert (no stoplights).
Coffee or tea? 
Coffee – Hot and Black
Early bird or night owl? 
Night Owl- But I realized this year that I am getting old and don’t want to leave the house after 9pm (what’s up with that?)
PC or Mac? 
Ice Cream or FroYo?
Snickers ICE CREAM with a Brownie at the bottom and hot fudge all over the top, silly!


In my free time I enjoy…
getting out to ride my motorcycle
Favorite spot in Orange County? 
North Bound PCH between Goldenwest and Westminster at sunset, you can see Huntington Harbor, LB, Wilmington-LA Docks and Rancho Palace Verdes its an amazing view.
One place I’ve always wanted to visit is… 
Mt. Rushmore
The best movie of all time is clearly… 
The Blues Brothers
The famous person I most clearly resemble is…
I don’t know but I want to look and sound like Sam Elliot when I grow up.