714-384-0914 x185
Job Title:
Accounts Payable Associate
Anaheim, CA
Husband, Tim and kids, Sean & Sara.

In 10 words or less…

Describe your job. 
I cut all the checks!
Describe a normal day. 
It’s almost too exciting to put in words. Lots of invoices, check requests, reimbursements and numbers.
Meetings…love ‘em or hate ‘em? 
Don’t love ‘em but don’t necessarily hate ‘em. Not a big fan though.
Favorite accomplishment/project since joining staff? 
Dry-walling, mudding and sanding a house in New Orleans with a team from RH
One thing people don’t realize about the staff that they need to know? 
We are ALL shorter than 6’6”.
Tell us a story of what you’ve seen God do through your ministry [use more than 10 if you need to]. 
Through financial benevolence we have seen God begin the restoration process in many who are broken or struggling for a season. The body of Christ supporting the body is a beautiful thing.

This or that:

Beach or mountains? 
I love both!
PC or Mac? 
Coldplay or U2? 
Sports or arts? 

Again, I like both, but leaning towards sports.
Creative or administrative? 
Skinny jeans or comfortable ones?
Comfort is never overrated


Most embarrassing moment? 
When I told Chad C. I liked his body, as a mom, on a team retreat. I was comparing him to my son’s body type and it just came out all wrong. Still haven’t heard the end of that one.
Favorite date spot in the OC? 
Sitting on the beach next to my husband.
In the next 5 years, I will….
Still be sitting next to my husband on the beach.
The best movie of all time is clearly…
Gone With the Wind, clearly I’m giving away my age here, but rest assured I am not as old as the movie.
Everyone should read…
To Kill A Mockingbird
Favorite Todd Proctor song?
We Will Go