Donna Wells

714-384-0914 x152
Job Title:
Lead Associate
Covina, CA
Husband Reggie, two daughters Jennifer and Emily, one son-in-law Galel, two grandsons Noah and Marco.


Describe your job

It is so different on any given hour/day/week that it’s too difficult to “describe.” I will say that people often introduce me as the church secretary (which makes me laugh out loud)…and sometimes they introduce me as the “boss” of ROCKHARBOR (which also makes me laugh because being bossy is not the same as being the boss and Praise The Lord I am not the boss).

One thing people don’t realize about the RH Churchwide staff that they need to know?

How funny and real they are. I think that people think working on a church staff would be stuffy and “churchy” but we are all just people…who love, hurt, laugh, and love Jesus.

Tell us a story of what you’ve seen God do through your ministry

This isn’t really a story of my ministry, but one thing that has blown me away is that people in our body have suffered what I would consider an inordinate amount of tragedy (marriages lost, serious illness, death of a child or spouse), and they are living an extraordinary life completely devoted to a God who redeems and restores. It’s a beautiful picture of faith whatever the circumstances.


Beach or mountains?
Coffee or tea?
Coffee (duh)
Early bird or night owl?
Somehow I’m neither. Is that bad?
PC or Mac?
I would love to say Mac because that’s WAY cooler, but I’ve never owned one.
Ice Cream or FroYo?
I am a total and complete food snob, especially when it comes to ice cream. I make it myself pretty frequently but Trader Joe’s ice cream is a close second. Gelato, however, is my new obsession. Fro-Yo is only for emergencies.


In my free time I enjoy…
being with my family, riding my bike, creating in the kitchen.
Favorite spot in Orange County?
Crystal Cove or Seal Beach.
One place I’ve always wanted to visit is…
The best movie of all time is clearly
…the best movie of all time.
The famous person I most clearly resemble is…
Jane Fonda with Jamie Lee Curtis’ hair.