The Communications Track seeks to train and equip men and women as skilled and experienced communicators of the Gospel. More than just for RH, there is a great need in the local Church for writers, web developers, graphic designers, video editors, and project managers to be trained and sent out as Kingdom storytellers.

The Details:

The Structure:
The Communications Track accepts applicants for the following areas:

  • Video Production
  • Graphic Design/Photography
  • Copywriting/Project Management
  • Web Development

This collective group will be broken into 5 smaller teams that each focus on one RH campus for the duration of the year, using it as their own training platform through a variety of projects and assignments.

Project Training: Most of the Communications Track will be through project-based development. Outside of the general program, each student will be required to complete 15 office hours each week. These hours will primarily be spent working alongside the RH Communications team in executing campus-specific projects.

Creative Fridays: As part of the office hour requirement, Fridays will be dedicated to broader skill development and communication theory. It will be a day to learn differently, not through the completion of a RH project but in being trained to become better overall storytellers. Creative Fridays will cover broad topics [e.g. promotion vs. storytelling] as well as vocation-specific training [e.g. Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator development, Final Cut training, or writers forums].


Due to the fact that we can only select 15 students per year, we do require an application and interview process for this program.

Above and beyond the requirements for acceptance into The Academy, minimum requirements to apply for this Communications Track are:

  • Demonstrated skill-set and gifting within the area that the student is applying for
  • At least intermediate knowledge of any applicable software: Adobe Creative Suite, WordPress, etc.
  • At least intermediate knowledge in using applicable equipment: cameras, gear, etc.
  • Commitment to 15 office hours per week as well as all other Academy and RH events
  • Demonstrated ability to take direction well
  • Demonstrated ability to work well both independently and as part of a team
  • Demonstrated ability to work well under deadline
  • Adherence to RH’s leadership guidelines


To apply for the Communications Track, please click here.

Find out more

For more info on the Communications Track, please email The Academy team.