Each weekend RH | Kids-ages birth through 8th grade, participate in an amazing, interactive environment where they encounter God in real and tangible ways.

Service Times

Each weekend, our children celebrate who God is together with other kids their age.

Saturdays | 6pm
Sundays | 9am, 11am

Children’s Ministry [birth - 5th grade] at 6pm, 9am, 11am
Middle School and High School at 11am

ROCKHARBOR Mission Viejo
Sundays | 9am, 11am

Children’s Ministry [birth - 5th grade] at 9am, 11am
Middle School at 11am

Sundays | 10am, 7pm

Children’s Ministry [birth - 5th grade] at 10am
Middle School at 10am

Sundays | 10am

Children’s Ministry [birth - 5th grade] at 6pm, 9am, 11am

ROCKHARBOR Huntington Beach
Sundays | 9am, 11am, 7pm

Children’s Ministry [birth-5th grade] at 9am and 11am
Middle School at 11am

Remember & Celebrate

Studio K, our elementary service, has Remember & Celebrate Weekends every six weeks. These are incredibly fun and unique weekends designed to help us remember God’s work in our lives and as a response celebrate all that God has done. We do this because we believe active remembrance cultivates authentic relationship.

Student Serve Teams

Student Serve Teams give students an opportunity to serve the faith community each weekend in our weekend Celebration Services. Opportunities currently available (for 3rd grade & above) in the following areas:
– (5th grade & above) work in the sound booth on a rotation. Learn how to mix sound and run software programs that enable the room to view videos, song lyrics, verses, and more
– for musicians, vocalists, and dancers. Auditions take place quarterly.

Find Out More

To find out more about RH | Kids and Celebration Services, email Families Team.