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Mission Viejo

Huntington Beach

Reject False Religion

In the final message of the "Come and Die" series, Andrew Schey teaches from Jeremiah 7:7-28 to establish the same crossroads that was addressed in the beginning of the series: the call to deny yourself, take up your cross and follow Jesus involves a choice and action. You may have responded and reacted to the series, but that is part of the death that we all must go through to be something different. This is not a one-off series, but the Truth of what we are called into as a community of people who claim to be disciples of Jesus Christ. The invitations and challenges put before you in this series are not suggestions for Christians, or a new vision for our church, but the Truth of Jesus' words we find in Scripture. This Truth can be unpleasant to the ears and it is costly in practice, but watering down these teachings to become easier on the ears and accommodate personal preferences is the very kind of false teaching the church has come up against since Jeremiah's day. Truth is not what you make of it, and though preachers are pressured to say what people want to hear, we need to correct that, speak Truth as a community, and make disciples who obey everything Jesus commanded.    



Scripture:Jeremiah 7:7-28


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Costa Mesa

Charlotte, NC