Seek Week

We are a culture that is quick to act. On our vision. Our strength. And our ability.

At ROCKHARBOR, we recognize there is enough in us to get ahead of God. We need to be people who live lives led by God’s Spirit…in every step of the process. Our community has found that the best way we can live this way together is to seek God together through prayer, fasting, and worship.

What’s become a regular rhythm at ROCKHARBOR, Seek Week is a week that we set apart to pursue God. More than just a plea for clarity, we pursue Him together to declare to Him that He alone leads our community and that His presence sustains us in ways that power, clarity, and position never could.

How it Began: the First Seek Week

In the summer of 2007, God gave RH a vision for something called The GO Campaign. The idea was radical—call our entire church family to give away two of Orange County’s most precious and guarded resources…our time and our money. We looked to send 2,000 people on local, regional, and global mission trips and to raise $1 million dollars to be given to 12 causes around the world.

As soon as God gave us the vision, we set plans in motion. We coordinated trip logistics, researched worthy causes, and began to rally our people. As The GO Campaign launched, we anticipated a response flooded with excitement and validation for the vision we’d been given. Out of the gates, the actual response looked quite different from our expectations. Trips struggled to fill and we were nowhere near a pace that would allow us to reach our financial goal.

Our next move should have been the first. We threw our hands up and stopped trying to do things on our own. We offered the entire thing back to God…not just the vision, we knew that was His. But the planning and the execution and the response. We spent a week in prayer, recognizing there was no way this thing could happen on our strength.

Over the remainder of the summer, we watched God bring people out of seemingly nowhere, at the eleventh hour, to the places He wanted them to serve. And we watched as people made last-minute financial sacrifices. At the end of summer finish line, more than 2,000 people had gone on mission. And more than $1 million was raised. And it was done the way God planned.

Simply put, we seek God together because we are people in constant need to be reminded of our dependence on Him. More and more, we want to be people unwilling to take one step outside of His strength and direction.

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