Seek Week

September 14-18, 2015 
7pm at ROCKHARBOR Costa Mesa

We are a culture that is quick to act. On our vision. Our strength. And our ability.

At ROCKHARBOR, we recognize there is enough in us to get ahead of God. We need to be people who live lives led by God’s Spirit…in every step of the process. Our community has found that the best way we can live this way together is to seek God together through prayer, fasting, and worship.

What’s become a regular rhythm at ROCKHARBOR, Seek Week is a week that we set apart to pursue God. More than just a plea for clarity, we pursue Him together to declare to Him that He alone leads our community and that His presence sustains us in ways that power, clarity, and position never could.


Monday: led by Jeff Myers, RHF & Chad Halliburton RHMV
Tuesday: led by Andrew Schey, RHHB
Wednesday: led by Pete Shambrook, RHO
*Childcare [Birth-Kinder] will be provided.
You can RSVP on CORE or by logging in and searching “seek week.”
Thursday: led by Ash Meaney, RHCM & Brian Hill, RHMV
Friday: led by Jim Masteller & Kit Rae, RHCM
*To celebrate as a community, we will break our fast with a meal together. Bring the whole family to RHCM at 6:30 pm for bounce houses, food trucks, or feel free to bring your own dinner.

All evening gatherings will be held at RH Costa Mesa [345 Fischer Ave]. Children are always welcome to come but childcare will only be provided for the Wednesday gathering for ages, birth-Kindergarten.


Individually: Spend intentional time praying and seeking God in the car, at lunch, when the kids are napping, when you’d normally be watching tv, etc.

Together: Every night before our worship gathering, Ash Meaney, our RHCM Campus Pastor, and the Prayer Team will be leading prayer in the Box at 6pm. We will spend time interceding for the cities of Orange County. All are welcome to attend.

24/7 Prayer: We will also have 24/7 prayer. We would love to fill a many hours as possible. The prayer room will also be open during the day throughout the week from 12pm-6pm. You can sign up here.


As we approach Seek Week, fasting will be an integral part of the week. We encourage you to take part in this progressive fast as outlined below. If you want to invite your kids to be apart of Seek Week fasting, we recommend customizing the schedule below to your child’s unique needs or doing just the baseline fast.

Monday: BASELINE – all non-work-related media (internet, TV, radio, video games, all social media, movies, and yes, even phone apps, and whatever else we are missing…)
Tuesday: Continue BASELINE and cut out all caffeine
Wednesday: Same as Tuesday plus remove one meal
Thursday: Same as Wednesday and remove two meals
Friday: Same as Thursday. We will break the fast on Friday night when we come together for a meal.