Seek Week

We are a culture that is quick to act. On our vision. Our strength. And our ability.

At ROCKHARBOR, we recognize there is enough in us to get ahead of God. We need to be people who live lives led by God’s Spirit…in every step of the process. Our community has found that the best way we can live this way together is to seek God together through prayer, fasting, and worship.

What’s become a regular rhythm at ROCKHARBOR, Seek Week is a week that we set apart to pursue God. More than just a plea for clarity, we pursue Him together to declare to Him that He alone leads our community and that His presence sustains us in ways that power, clarity, and position never could.

On September 14-18, 2015, we stepped into our yearly Seek Week tradition. This year we took the time to unwrap our new mission statement together as a church. We spent time fasting and interceding for our church and Orange County. We worshipped together, we heard your stories of what God is doing in your lives. We were blessed by hearing how God has blessed you. We walked away from Seek Week feeling refreshed and exciting for another year at ROCKHARBOR. Thank you for being part of our church, we are so excited for the plans God has for our church. 

You can listen to the messages from Seek Week 2015 here.