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Couldn’t make it to Leadership Ascent? Watch these videos for the complete message from Dr. Coe:

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2014 Recap

This last May, many of us took part in our 3rd annual Leadership Ascent. It was a day to slow down, hit pause, and reorient around the most important thing about us – our personal relationship with Jesus. There’s a lot vying for attention in our lives – even [or especially!] the good gifts we’ve been given from our God. As we lead careers, relationships, families, and RH ministries, we must do so out of a place of deep connection with Jesus. We must establish and embrace a posture of intimacy with Jesus. Not only do we need this for ourselves, but our church needs to see this modeled as well.

For the second year in a row, we were joined by Dr. John Coe, director of the Institute for Spiritual Formation at Biola University. Dr. Coe’s message, “Knowing the Heart” introduced us to the hidden heart, discussed why spiritual change can be so difficult and slow, and gave us tools to open our hearts to God and let Him begin the process of transformation. Some specific highlights from Dr. Coe:

  • The Christian faith is foremost about the heart – what is in the heart determines the whole of life.
  • The heart can be impregnable and slow to change – there is a hidden unconscious heart that most of us are unaware of where sin habits are rooted
  • God opens our hearts and begins the process of transformation by love and truth – we must “sit amongst the weeds with the Master Gardener” and let Jesus teach and change us.
  • Understanding and practicing honest prayer is fundamental in opening the heart to God – prayer is not a place to be good; it’s a place to be honest
  • Prayers of the psalms, lament, anger, and/or silence may be appropriate – learning these different prayers equips us to pray honestly through a range of emotions

Our personal relationship with Jesus is not something to focus on just one Saturday in May. As leaders we should regularly be with Him, knowing His voice, trusting His love, and walking in His ways. While each campus prepares to embrace this call in varying ways this fall, you, RH’s leaders, have the opportunity to get out ahead in the coming weeks. Starting with a guided spiritual retreat, help set the stage for what’s sure to be an exciting ministry year across all five RH campuses.

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