Celebrating Christmas at ROCKHARBOR

Much more than carols, peppermint, and candles, Christmas at ROCKHARBOR is a journey our community takes each winter to declare to our county that the Messiah has come. Through a variety of different ways, we share across several services that Emmanuel, God with us, has arrived to set right what we have made wrong. To seek and save the lost. To give life to anyone who will receive it.

Leading up to Christmas

The journey to Christmas Eve begins in the weeks before through much prayer and seeking from our community. There are elements like 24/7 prayer, where the ROCKHARBOR community creates an unbroken chorus of prayer during the week before Christmas. 168 hours of our community praying for those that will attend, those that lead, and all details big and small.

In view of Christmas services being for our county, our entire community plays a part in spreading the word. Through printed invitations, personal invitations, posters, and more, the hope is that our neighbors, friends, families, co-workers, friends, and acquaintances would somehow find their way into the ROCKHARBOR community on Christmas Eve.

Christmas Services

We celebrate the coming King through music, creative elements such as drama, dance, or video, and teaching.We present Jesus’ Gospel in the best ways we know how and then simply try to create room for God’s Spirit to lead people to respond, whether that’s in saying yes to Jesus for the first time, reorienting their lives toward Jesus, or simply receiving prayer.

Stay tuned for more details about Christmas 2015