South Africa

South Africa is a nation in the midst of two stories.

One is a story of excess and luxury around the nation’s hot spots. It’s the one where the natural beauty, the adventure, and the wildlife draw in 860,000 visitors each month. It’s the one that brought the 2010 World Cup to Cape Town. But, while it’s seen by many, it’s the one that’s only lived by few.

The other story is of the poverty, disease, and hopelessness that riddles many of the lesser-seen townships. It’s the one with 1.4 million AIDS orphans. It’s the one where unemployment reaches 80%. And it’s the one just years removed from apartheid where crime, alcoholism, and poverty remain on full display.

ROCKHARBOR is compelled to see God’s kingdom advance in South Africa. That’s why we are partnering with Bridges of Hope in the township of Sweet Home. Together, we are invested in a boarding school to teach, mentor, and disciple the students there in hopes of creating not only long-term, sustainable solutions in Sweet Home, but to raise and equip leaders that are worth following there. ROCKHARBOR also sends teams to Sweet Home each year to run vacation bible schools, to support and grow a newly planted church within the community, and to be on the front lines of bringing Jesus’ gospel to people that are desperate for it.

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Email the Mission team for more info on RH in South Africa. The upcoming trip is no longer accepting applications, but stay tuned for an application for the next summer trip.