What is a Campus?

We are committed to raising up communities across this county and beyond. In view of the statistic decline of the Church and the increasing desperation of our world, there is a great need for communities anchored in God’s Word, led by His Spirit, where Jesus is the story. One of the primary types of communities within RH is our campuses. So, what exactly is a RH campus?


  • A community of people living out the Gospel together in a specific geographical location
  • The full expression of RH’s mission, vision, and markers existing in a specific geographical location
  • Under the leadership of RH [elder board, lead pastor, campus pastor, etc.]
  • Not simply a different venue for weekend services, but contains a spectrum of RH ministries within a geographical region [meaning each campus has its own life groups, its own family ministries, its own serve teams, etc..]
  • Financially sustainable in that the giving at any campus goes directly toward the needs of that campus
  • An active participant in First Fruits by giving 12% of its income to this ministry that gives financially to those beyond RH
  • Supported by RH’s church-wide team through centralized operations, communications, and overall church leadership [each campus contributes a percentage of its income toward their shared-support services].

Make sure to check out each campus website for more info as these communities are living out the Gospel in unique contexts in their cities. Use the menu at the top of the page to navigate between RH campuses.

Find out more

We are continually looking at the cities of our county and region with eyes on how to launch more campuses and communities. If you are interested in pioneering one of these communities or feel that God might be leading you to pastor a church one day, please contact Doug Berry.