The Church is not about individuals. It is about us, and we are to be family. We’re not called to isolate or hide in the back or drift from one community to another. Instead, we are to dive into togetherness, relationships, camaraderie, and personal connections so that the world will take notice of how and why we love each other.

“By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”
-John 13:35

Here at ROCKHARBOR, we are not content with anonymity. We are not content with coming and going and never laying roots. We are not content with keeping one another at arm’s length or having our relationships defined by simply sitting next to each other for an hour and a half each weekend.

We believe Jesus calls us to live out the Gospel together. On the cross, Jesus not only reconciled us to God…He reconciled us to each other. And there is a world around us that needs to see a community that pours into, sacrifices for, and prefers each other.

Family Initiatives

ROCKHARBOR communities are embracing this marker of family in unique ways. To learn more about how that’s happening at our campuses, visit the Family Initiatives page under the About Us section of any of our campus websites.