RH Pastors

What Is A Pastor?

We think the idea of ‘pastoring’ is best captured by helping people be known and connected, be cared for, and develop their relationship with Jesus Christ. It means being available to listen to, talk with, and pray for anyone who asks. It means leading groups of people who are seeking truth and transformation. It means being in offices, homes, hospitals, dorms, coffee houses, and anywhere people need help or want to know and follow Jesus.

Pastoring is critical to our church and every person in it. And it’s not supposed to be done by church staff alone. The Bible says every person who has committed his or her life to God is a priest, empowered to care for, support, and reflect God’s holiness to others. We take this responsibility seriously.

Who Are ROCKHARBOR’s Pastors?

While ROCKHARBOR has a small team of staff pastors, the RH community is primarily pastored by two types of volunteers: Community Pastors, who serve alongside the staff pastors in almost every capacity; and trained volunteer leaders of Life Groups and Recovery Groups.

At RH, you’re surrounded by pastors who want to share your journey with you. please don’t hesitate to take us up on it—or to respond if God is prompting you to learn more about how to pastor others.

Staff Pastors
Chad Halliburton [Mission Viejo Campus Pastor]
Kit Rae [Costa Mesa Campus Pastor]
Ash Meaney [Costa Mesa Campus Pastor]
Andrew Richards
Andrew Schey [Huntington Beach Campus Pastor]
Shawn Scott
Pete Shambrook [Orange Campus Pastor]
Roger Tirabassi
Brooke Hoehne
Josh Harrison
Kirsten Nielsen
Tommy Larson
Brian Hill
Nick Kinnier
Brock Snook
Jeff Myers [Fullerton Campus Pastor]
Jeff Bachman
Brian Pouge

Community Pastors
Kellie Berry (Huntington Beach)
Josh Cox (Mission Viejo)
Lindsay Donaldson (Costa Mesa)
Jason Finley (Mission Viejo)
Kimi Finley (Mission Viejo)
Trevin Lingren (Fullerton)
Justin McIntee (Mission Viejo)
Audrey Milburn (Mission Viejo)
David Milburn (Mission Viejo)
Craig Motichko (Costa Mesa)
Lauri Root (Costa Mesa)
Tim Taber (Costa Mesa)
Tracy Taber (Costa Mesa)
Ed McGlasson (Costa Mesa)
Tommy Rodriguez (Mission Viejo)
Jules Sherreitt (Mission Viejo)
Kerry Stone (Costa Mesa)
Kirk Stone (Costa Mesa)
Mitch Fierro (Fullerton)
Nate Carson (Fullerton)
Sean Byerly (Mission Viejo)
Stephanie Byerly (Mission Viejo)

Find Out More

To talk with or be prayed for by a pastor during the weekend, head to the stage area following any Weekend Service at any campus. During the week, email: Brooke Hoehne, or call 714.384.0914.

Interested in finding out more about joining the ROCKHARBOR pastoral team as a Life Group leader? Email Kirsten Nielsen for info on the next leader training.