Identity. Family. Mission. Sacrifice.

All throughout the gospels of the New Testament, we see Jesus pursuing these things. At ROCKHARBOR we, too, are committed to walking in these ways together. We believe that orienting our lives around these markers will stretch us into the kind of people that we want to become both as individuals and as a collective faith community.

To help us step into these markers, we have the ROCKHARBOR Covenant.

Put simply, this covenant is an agreement to do our best to live, learn, and grow in the way God has called us.

Personally, we each covenant to discern and commit to ways we want to become more like Jesus and live the life we were intended for. By intentionally growing in identity, family, mission and sacrifice, we see the transformation call of Romans 12:2 realized in measurable ways.

Corporately, we covenant together to be encouraged and accountable to each other in a world where each step toward following Jesus is challenged. Much more than an organization with membership, we believe the church is a family – brothers, sisters, co-laborers – diverse but bound together in shared passions and convictions. In a culture of entitlement and isolation, this covenant helps us truly become “us” in powerful and needed ways.

Annually, we covenant in recognition that in following Jesus there is always “more.” With each year, there are new seeds sown that bring a fresh harvest of spiritual growth. With each chapter of the ROCKHARBOR story, we welcome new ways to live out the greater Gospel story together.

If ROCKHARBOR is your church family, we encourage you to prayerfully consider how you will embrace the markers of identity, family, mission, and sacrifice this next year. When you’re ready, join the rest of RH by covenanting to God toward these markers.

Signing the Covenant

Corporately, all of our campuses covenant together on our Covenant Weekend, which happens each year at the end of our fall vision series. After that date, you’ll still be able to sign one at any weekend service at the campus you call home. Once you’ve prayerfully considered the ways God is leading you around these markers, simply head out to the patio and ask someone on the Welcome Team for a copy of the covenant.