ROCKHARBOR is a church of communities living out the Gospel together.

We believe this is who God has shaped us to be. We are committed to raising up communities across this county and beyond. In view of the statistic decline of the Church and the increasing desperation of our world, there is a great need for communities anchored in God’s Word, led by His Spirit, where Jesus is the story.

Our Markers

In raising up new communities, we have learned that it’s not just about launching new ones…it’s about the kind of community God calls us to be. In order to live out the Gospel together, we believe we must be a community marked by 4 things: identity, familymission, and sacrifice.

Above all, we find our identity in Jesus. We are new creations because of what He did on the cross. So we take off any old identities and instead choose to embrace who we are in Him and what that means for how we are to live.

Secondly, we belong together as a family. We’re not called to isolate or hide in the back or drift from one community to another. Instead, we dive into togetherness, relationships, camaraderie, and personal connections.

Thirdly, we embrace Jesus’ mission: to live out His Gospel together. Compelled by His love, we point our lives outward, into the very neighborhoods, cities, and world He has placed us in.

Finally, we model sacrifice. We recognize the God that gave everything and respond to Him by freely giving our lives and resources.

Our Covenant

We want to see all of RH step into these calls together. It’s not enough to simply hear these truths. We believe we are to re-orient our lives around them. We believe we are to take practical steps to know who we are and who God is; to find belonging in this community; to embrace God’s mission; and to freely give away what God has given us.

As a church, we ask that everyone who calls RH home would covenant to practically stepping into these calls together. Because we believe that as we re-orient around identity, family, mission, and sacrifice, God will advance His Kingdom in and beyond Southern California.

Find out more

ROCKHARBOR communities are embracing our markers in Jesus in unique ways. To learn more about how that’s happening at our campuses, visit the About Us section of any of our campus websites.