Position Papers

The Bible, God’s word to us, is central to our relationship with God and each other. While there are some areas where Christians agree to disagree [Romans 14:1-15:7; 2 Timothy 2:23-24; Titus 3:9], the Bible makes clear that certain truths are essential convictions of the Christian faith. To read more about these essential convictions ROCKHARBOR considers these to be, please see what we believe.

Through study of God’s word and prayer, ROCKHARBOR’s elders and pastors consider various culturally relevant topics and issues which may or may not be the source of disagreement amongst Christians. As these topics have been considered, we have arrived at positions which will inform the ways ROCKHARBOR leads and makes decisions.
These positions can be fully reviewed through the published papers found here:

Is ROCKHARBOR Becoming an Emergent Church?
ROCKHARBOR’s view on Corporate Communion.
ROCKHARBOR’s view on Marriage and Divorce.
ROCKHARBOR’s view on Marriage and Sexuality.

ROCKHARBOR’s view on Politics and the Corporate Church.
HARBOR’s view on the Trinity.
HARBOR’s view on Women in Ministry.