Online Giving

You can financially support God’s movement at ROCKHARBOR online. To support any RH campus, just follow these 3 simple steps…

Step 1:  Your Personal Information

In order to establish your online giving, we need to gather some basic information. Feel free to take a moment and review information concerning our site security and privacy.

Step 2:  Your Gift

You will determine the frequency and amount of your financial offerings. The amount or schedule can be changed or adjusted at anytime.

Step 3:  Your Account Information

You will be asked to enter your checking account or debit card information. You will receive a contribution statement reflecting all donations via email. Your online contributions will appear on these statements.

ROCKHARBOR offers online giving through debit card processing but does not encourage the use of credit cards to make financial offerings. We do not want to provide an opportunity for people to incur debt through giving. Donations submitted through ROCKHARBOR’s online giving site are non-refundable and cannot be designated to any specific area of ministry.

Click here to give online.